The Meetup design team was finding their new brand difficult to apply to their product. There was also a need for a more robust system to create imagery. Together, we extended the visual toolbox to make the brand more visually expressive and easier to apply to the website and freshly redesigned app.

The new system’s core is a set of droplets—organic combinations and mergings of circles that reference both chemistry and the circular shape of people’s profile photos on Meetup.

  • Visual identity
Droplet image treatment
Extended color palette

On Meetup, people’s profile photos are circles, so a meetup is, in essence, a collection and convergence of circles.

Meetups visualized
Droplet image treatment

Droplets act as a flexible frame to brand photography, avatars, icons, and even emoji.

Droplet lockup variability
Mobile modal illustration intensities
Mobile modal illustrations
Droplet image treatment